Your privacy is significant to Quick Invoice Maker. We want to furnish our service that you request, our privacy policy statement appeals to Quick Invoice Maker. Our latest product is listed here namely Quick Invoice Maker App which has the best features of billing system regarding the business transactions with the client.

Privacy Details:

We do not collect, store or utilize any private details while you visit, download or upgrade our New Launched Quick Invoice Maker App product.

Personal Data:

We are collecting user's personal data (Name, Email, Password, Country, Tax, Company Name, User Image, Bank Details, Customer Details(Name, Email, Company Name, Tax)) for creating user's business profile and their customer's profile in our application. It is mainly used for application's operations. We are not sharing these data with anyone.

When you submit your private details then we may only utilise your details for the under mentioned purposes:

Other Data:

We collect other data, to have a better functionality in userís conduct, Solve the problem in Invoice maker product, improve Quick Invoice Maker App service and advertising, we may also collect non-personal details like installed application name and product package name, the installed data, frequency of use, country, appliance, devices, Operating system, and channel. If non-personal detail is combined with private information, we treat the combined detail as private detail for the purpose of this Quick Invoice Maker Privacy Policy.

We are using below mentioned third party services for application tracking and analysis:

Data Security /Privacy:

We implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal information against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, change or damage. All personal information we collect will be stored on secure servers.

Delete Account:

If you want to delete your account and data then please email us at We will contact you through email and proceed further for account deletion. We will give option to delete account from the application itself in near future.

Storage Period:

Once you request for data/account delete, we will serve your request within 14 days from date of request. Your data will be available on our server for 14 days. You can login and cancel your request in this time duration. We won't be able to restore your data after 14 days.

We will keep your name, email, password and in-app transaction details even if you request for delete account. The purpose for storing these data is to avoid free usage of application after user's free period has been expired.

In the following conditions, we may deny your private details according to your desire or regulations by law:

We Quick Invoice Maker Team will occasionally update our Quick Invoice Maker App privacy statement. When we do this change, we will also re-examine the last modified date of our Quick Invoice Maker App privacy policy statement.


Please read the terms & conditions of Quick Invoice Maker App service carefully as they include significant information regarding your legal rights, remedies, and accountabilities.

By signing up of Quick Invoice Maker App, you are accepting to be bound by terms & conditions of service utilization, all applicable laws and regulations, and accept that you are respectable for recognition with any applicable local regulations. If you do not agree with our Quick Invoice Maker App terms & conditions, you are forbidden from utilizing or accessing this service.



Quick Invoice Maker provides their all users 6 months free service on Quick Invoice Maker App use. After finishing 6 months free service use, app user will need to choose subscription plan according to their needs.

6 months will be applied from the date of registration for all new users. For existing users, 6 months will be applied when they accept the app terms & conditions of Quick Invoice Maker App.

1 month of grace period will be offered to all those users whose 6 months of free subscription has been ended with version 6.0.3 (Android) and version 4.0.3(iPhone) launch.


The Quick Invoice Maker monthly plan starts when you will make your first payment. You will need to pay the charge at the time of service purchase every month. Remember that this is not a yearly contract plan, the monthly charge is subject to change. We are sure in our humble duty for you, we will always notify you in advance.Your service plan will be applied until the end of that month’s billing period.


The Quick Invoice Maker annual plan starts when you will make your first payment. You will have to pay the yearly charge at the time of service purchase as a full payment, plus applicable taxes. Renewal charges are subject to change. We are sure in our humble duty for you.

If user is in free subscription duration and deleting account then user's free subscription period end date will not be affected. It will remain same.
If user is in either monthly/yearly subscription duration and deleting account then user will not get refund for their subscriptions. Userís plan end date will remain same, it will not be affected by deleting account. User can cancel delete account request and continue their plan.

 If any changes in Quick Invoice Maker App charge, Quick Invoice Maker will always notify you beforehand.

For any queries, comments or complaints feel free to contact us via email at